Rule #1 – Never Be Boring!

There are really two big rules in marketing. The first, and possibly most important is NEVER BE BORING!

We often get so nervous about upsetting our customers or potential customers, that we get sterile, and no one goes out to find sterile content and they certainly don’t share it if they somehow come across it! No one shares a day-to-day traffic cam footage. A toucan hops in front of it and all of the sudden the pattern is interrupted and it gets fun!

If you aren’t upsetting someone, then you are doing it wrong. Some people might not like your voice, the words you use, the color of your hair, but this is a good thing! If you have enough of an audience that people don’t like you, then you have an audience!

You may have noticed growing up that not everyone was your friend, and you didn’t really want to be everyone’s friend. Online is even more delineated. Be prepared to upset people. Take it as a sign that you are on the right path.

Never be boring, always break patterns, be fun, be exciting!

Check in soon for Rule #2!